Can Social Media work for your business?

11 September, 2013 by Robby

Can Social Media work for your business?

For many years we've been sceptical that social media, namely Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, can truly work to grow a business. Focus on traditional website SEO and organic ranking has been the way to generate leads and enquiries using keywords and inbound links from quality websites.
However, ..........

... looking forward to 2014 we are very aware that Google (particularly) is making it increasingly difficult to rank on Page 1 with increasing emphasis on other Google products such as Google AdWords advertising and Google Places pages pushing organic results off the page.

Content Marketing (or Inbound Marketing as it's also known) brings together Social Media, traditional SEO and all other facets of online and offline marketing into one 'Road Map' marking out a strategy to determine the integration of potential solutions that may work for a business.

Having a plan of what, how & when to use each element of the strategy enables business owners to test and measure what works and what does not. Crucial to make sure time & money is spent effectively and Important to find out what potential customers engage with (and what they do not). These 'followers' become your customers of the future.

We'll publish a copy of the road map soon and more info about using Social Media effectively. 'Follow' our Facebook page to receive more information and tips

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