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11 September, 2013 by Robby

Can Social Media work for your business?

For many years we've been sceptical that social media, namely Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, can truly work to grow a business. Focus on traditional website SEO and organic ranking has been the way to generate leads and enquiries using keywords and inbound links from quality websites.
However, ..........

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10 April, 2012 by Robby

If you already have a website you can check how effective your website is for the search engines by using a 'right click' on your website page to 'View the Page Source'. Usually you have access to view the technical elements (coding) of the website. If you do, you can then use keyboard strokes 'Ctrl & F'  to search for the basics like H1, page title & page description.


The quality of the  H1, page title & page descriptions is important. These are not chosen randomly but are selected based on research and analysis over time. Each should be unique to each page of your website too.


If you have concerns about the performance of your website, contact your web developer to discuss why your site is under performing.


B Innovative Websites - why they work

All our websites are built using free source software called CMS Made Simple to which our clients have access to make changes to the content of their websites.


Also, as part of any website we build, we ensure that each page of the website has relevant keywords & a page description on the page for Google to find and know what the page is about. These are important along with the Header 1 (main heading) and other technical attributes to make the website effective.


Category: Search Engine Optimisation

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