Choosing a Domain Name

4 February, 2011 by Unknown

Your domain name (web address) is a unique address on the world wide web (www). You can think of it as similar to your telephone number in the phone book.


Choosing the right domain name is crucial step for your business. Make sure you seek some advice or research your options before you make the decision. Check out our guide to choosing the best domain for your business.

Your ideal Domain Name

Ideally your domain name will:

  • reflect your businesses branding
  • include the major keyword/s (i.e. the most common search terms) for your business or industry.
  • be easy to type
  • easy to understand over the telephone
  • not include a dash '-' or underscore '_' (preferable)
  • not too long (preferrable)


Choosing a Business Name & Domain Name

If you are just starting a business and have not yet settled on a business name then you are in the best position to choose a business name that also works well as a domain name. You just need to find a business name and a similar domain name that have not yet been used. As it is usually more difficult to find a domain name we suggest you start there. Ideally try to incorporate major keywords (search terms) for your business into your domain and business name.


We use the Business Name Search on to make sure that the Business Name, Domain Name, Limited Company Name are not yet used. It also gives details of any similar Trademarks that may be registered.


Choosing a Domain Name for an Existing Business

If you already have a business name it may be a little harder to find that great domain name. Look for combinations of your business name and major keywords (search terms) for your business.


Which Domain to use?  .com,,  .eu, ... ?

These are all called Top Level Domains and there are loads of them. Most websites we use from UK use either or .com. We would recommend that you use a domain if your business and customers are based in the UK. If you can also register the equivalent .com domain name then register that also. If your business is more global then give us a call to discuss some domain options for your business.


Brainstorm and Shortlist

Generate a list of all the names you can think of. Including different combinations of words. Then eliminate all the domain names that are already taken, using one of many domain name registration tools available on the internet.


A good tool to help you find domain names that we use is (Update July 2011: This is now a pay-for service - $5 for 10 days - probably a very worthwhile timesaver.)


Once you have picked your preferred domain name go ahead and register it ASAP.


Domain Name Registration Costs

Registration costs approximately £4 - £12 per year, per domain name. Some domains cost more than others, in general a costs around £4 per year. Others including .com, .net, .eu and .org  cost about £12 per year. The price can vary depending on the registrar you use. You just need a reliable competitively priced registrar that offers an easy to use domain control panel.


How to Register a Domain Name

You can do this through one of many Domain Name registrars on the internet. We now use to register domain names. Their control panel is not the most modern, but is works very well, they are reliable, provide good support and prices are competitive.


We recommend that clients register their own domain names. Owning your domain name and having access to the registration details ensures you are in control of your domain name.


However if you prefer we can register a domain name on your behalf. We guarantee that you own it and can transfer it to your own registration account at a future date. It takes about 10 minutes to register a domain name and it will be ‘live’ on the internet within 24-28 hours.


Call us for advice specific to your business.

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