Choosing a Web Host

2 March, 2011 by Unknown
There are many many companies offering web hosting services. Choosing a good web site host is essential for any business website. See our top tips for choosing a web host.

What makes a good web host

We believe that the following elements are the key points to look for when choosing a good hosting company for your business:

  • speed
  • reliability
  • excellent support
  • UK based servers
  • good hosting control panel


Hosting speed

You want your website to be as fast as possible to load for your visitors. Slower web pages can be frustrating for visitors, who may then click away to another site. Google also penalises slow web pages with a lower ranking.



It is essential that the servers and network that your website is hosted on is as reliable as possible. Any issues can cause both your website and probably your emails to be offline until the problem is resolved.


Excellent support

This is probably the most import aspect of web hosting and in our opinion what you are really paying for. If and when there are problems you want them dealt with fast and professionally. You want a hosting company that will help you solve problems rather point the finger.


UK based servers

If your business and customers are based in the UK then your hosting should be also. With your server closer to your clients the web pages will arrive faster. It is also easier for search engines to understand that you are a UK based business and that your site is more relevant for UK searches.


Good hosting control panel

You need a good hosting control panel to easily access all the features of your web hosting. This includes setting up emails, creating databases e.g. for Content Management Systems and the ability to create and restore backups.



How much does good hosting cost?

Good quality hosting doesn't cost a lot more than the cheaper options. You can expect to pay from around £6 per month (inc VAT) for quality hosting for a small business website. This should be sufficient for a few email accounts and a website including a Content Management System.


How do I know if a host is 'good'?

Throughly read any potential web hosts own wesite, including their terms and conditions. Then check out a good range of reviews on the internet for any hosts you are considering using. In particular look for reviews from web designers who have experience of what good hosting is and isn't. Also beware that some larger hosting companies appear to create their own hosting review sites which not always give the most balanced view.


If in doubt, email us and ask for our opinion on your potential host.


Alternatively check out B Innovative's hosting and our provider Clook Internet. They meet all of our requirements including the above. This option gives you the benefit of the latest technology and professional network management plus you get local personal support from someone who cares about your business - B Innovative.

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