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8 March, 2011 by Unknown

Many businesses, including ourselves, provide business news or advice on their websites via a News or Blog page. If you also have a business Facebook page, wouldn't it be great if you could automatically update your Facebook Page with the news from your website. Well you can...


It is really quite a simple process to add your news/blog posts to your Facebook page. Follow these steps below to add the RSS Graffiti app to your Facebook page.


  1. Login to Facebook, and search for 'RSS Graffiti'
  2. Add the RSS Graffiti application to your Facebook profile. You will need to give it permission add to your wall, etc before it will work.
  3. Also add the RSS Graffiti app to your business 'Place' page.
  4. Select '+ Add feed' and enter the URL for your website's RSS feed.
  5. Check that RSS Graffiti can find your website RSS feed, by the selecting the 'click here to fetch and preview it'.
  6. Use the Filter tab to change the 'Cut-off date/time' for the first RSS feed entry.
  7. Save the new settings using the button further up the page.


You may then just need to wait 30 minutes for the feed to start displaying on your business Facebook page.


Note: Facebook has their own application in 'Notes / Edit Import Settings' that should do the same. Unfortunately it is very unreliable so we suggest you try RSS Graffiti instead.


Let us know how you get on or if we can help with this.

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