Sirius Marine Services

What our client says...

"With some reluctance to commit to the expenditure, we appointed Robby & Chris at B Innovative to come up with some drafts that we may commission later.  All this on a Friday. By Monday evening a draft framework turned up. I was so impressed I told them to go ahead.  


The crux of their brilliance has been in the interpretation of the brief.  The site still looks pretty much like the original draft version, but more importantly is just what we described, yet better! The end result has taken just a few months to perfect and following a drip feeding of pages. The whole site is now complete but we are still working with them as it evolves over time."


They’re proud as punch with their new website. Please read their full testimonial.

What our client wanted...

These clients were struggling to achieve an online presence which they were happy with. Having recently purchased the business, they had a basic website which didn’t reflect the owners personalities or their business. 


They only had a small budget but we knew we could help them by building a clear, functional site using the logo colours as a basis for the design.


The Content Management System was essential for the clients to post regular News articles and link build to & from the site. 


The Galleries are a feature which provides an opportunity to showcase the boat yard and the quality & craftsmanship that is the essence of their business.

A selection of client projects