Whitbourne Mugworks

What our client says..

"...They didn't tinker at the edges but did a complete revamp, added features I'd not even imagined and best of all, installed a management system that I can understand and operate to update the web site on a regular basis.

They talked to me in language I could understand and explained every step as it was being done. Best of all - they are there to help if I get confused or do something stupid. Their customer service and aftercare is great.

Would I recommend B Innovative to others? I have done and will continue to do so in the future."

Keith Butler, Whitbourne Mugworks (30 August 2012)

What our client wanted...

  • Clear, concise navigation
  • Display in multiple galleries
  • Increase sales 
  • Be able to update & refresh with ease & speed
  • Protected investment for the future development of his business
  • Customers retention
  • New enquiries


A selection of client projects